Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Life's Too Serious To Be Funny!

Or, maybe the other way around. It's been six long months since I've had any formality to my life. What I mean is that without employment, every day is open to my interpretation. Do I want to be productive or just screw off. Jump out of bed, make coffee, hit the internet, blog, search, read, whatever... Should I feel guilty? Hell no. Sometimes I get inspiration and explore new paths to make me rich and well known. But mostly, I pretend I'm working to soothe my psyche. ( New project: open a workshop on "How to survive on $1640.00 a month") I find myself getting way too serious. Life's about having fun. Believe me that's work in itself! Yesterday at the mall, (btw, what am I doing at the mall with no money to spend?) walking around, checking out Christmas shoppers, I had this huge panic attack. What the heck was that about? Feeling guilty again? Or inferior? I just smiled, took a deeeep breath, and thought, What are you doing? So I proceeded to go into stores and pretended to be interested in buying the most expensive items they carried. Clothing, electronics, jewelry, trying stuff on, test driving laptops and smartphones whatever would make it seem like I was ready to buy. Kinda cruel to the poor salespeople who were waiting on me. My point is why should we pout about our personal situation when there's fantastically enjoyable things to do that don't cost a penny. I came home and had a good laugh. Now, that's the way to turn around a panic attack. Productivity can be FUN!
Lesson learned. If you let it, life can be one BIG stress fest. Be creative and take every opportunity to love life and laugh a little. It's good for the soul and changes your mood instantly. PEACE...

Friday, December 11, 2009

What if........

What if I had a gzillion dollars? What if I could live anywhere? What if I had the abilities to do anything? What if I could globe trot around the world? What if I drove Maserati? What if I had a private jet? What if I lived in a 30,000 square foot mansion? What if I was a successful entrepeneur? What if I was a celebrity? What if I could donate $1,000,000.00 to charity? What if I could eat in all the most exclusive restaurants? What if I could live until 120? What if people relied on me to solve all their problems? What if I was content?

What if I was ill? What if I had cancer? What if I had heart problems? What if I had an incurable disease? What if I was broke? What if I was homeless? What if I didn't have a car? What if I had no food? What if I couldn't walk? What if I couldn't see, hear or speak? What if I was paralyzed? What if I didn't have a loving family? What if I didn't have the freedom of living in America? What if I couldn't voice my opinion? What if I had to panhandle for survival? What if I only had the clothes on my back? What if today wasn't?

You see where I'm heading. What if...What if...What If...  could go on forever!
                 It's great to be healthy, loved, sane, and just alive!
                        Nothing is soo good or bad.
                           Things could be worse...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tell Me What's On Your Mind

The Stress Junkyard is a sounding board for you (and me) to express frustrations, problems, anxieties, phobias, well, whatever is on your mind. If you need to trash it, this is the dump. That way you won't clutter up your own personal webpage and if you'd like talk to someone about it, I'm here. Let me make this clear, I'm not a psychologist or therapist, but I am a great listener. There are times when we all need to get things off our chests and this forum will hopefully provide a stage for your performance. Since it's not really a forum per se, the communications will be carried on in the comment section. And I'll make this promise now, I will respond to everything, whoever or whatever it may be. Say whatever you want but, keep profanity in context. (Please, the site has Terms of Use and I wouldn't want be banished) Moving forward, I will post occasionally about topics that may be interesting in this bizzare world we're living in today. And, I'll continue to add little touches that will make you, my audience, want to return. Of course, if there's something on my mind that needs "The Junkyard", I won't hold back. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.
So, let's start the ball rolling. Bring me your trash.
                   DUMP ON ME!!!!!!!!!

(Oh, BTW, leave your URL in your signature so I can visit your webpage)